Who Is Responsible for Fallen Tree Removal in El Dorado Hills, CA?

If you have a tree that needs to be removed from your property, you’re likely asking yourself, “Who is responsible for fallen tree removal in my area?” While trees are great for keeping a yard beautiful and replenishing oxygen in the air, sometimes, due to safety reasons, they have to come down. If you want to learn more, allow ACE Tree Services, El Dorado Hills’ tree service contractor, to tell you everything you need to know about fallen tree removal liability and how it impacts you.

who is responsible for fallen tree removal

Who Is Responsible for Fallen Tree Removal?

While losing a tree can be difficult, you can always plant another one later. When a tree falls, where and how it falls greatly impacts tree law (a common legal term used for these situations). If you want to learn whose responsibility it is for a fallen tree, consider some of the following scenarios.

Property Owners

If you have a tree that falls over onto only your property, then it is the task of the homeowner to remove the tree. Often they can do this by calling in a professional tree removal company to help assess and manage the problem. Because the tree belongs to you and fell on your property, the property owner carries the burden of needing to pay for tree removal.


If a neighbor’s tree falls onto another person’s property, it is the job of the neighbor to assess and remove it. Neighbor tree damage responsibility makes it difficult to have a tree on a property line; when the time comes for the tree to fall, unclear property lines can turn into arguments that solve no problems quickly. Likewise, concerning property line and tree removal, if you have a tree that falls on a neighbor’s yard, you will likely have to deal with it independently. 

Insurance Providers

Who is responsible for fallen tree removal when one lands on your home? In the event that your tree falls on a structure, homeowner’s insurance for fallen trees may apply. Coverage varies, of course, depending on where it falls, what it damages, and your insurance policy. It can be good to read up on your policy every now and then so that you can anticipate any accidents as storms come. 

If there is a situation where a tree falls across two properties, the insurance company dealing with each property owner will have a hand in covering the cost. No matter the situation you encounter with a falling tree, be sure to make your insurance provider one of the first places you call after the incident — second to your safety, of course.

The City or State

In the event in which the tree falls onto city or state property, such as a road or sidewalk, it becomes the city or state’s obligation to remove it. Even if the tree is yours, public tree removal procedures demand the city handle it. Local regulations often have custom laws for these situations, which is why reviewing these ordinances can be helpful so that you don’t run into any complications during an already complicated ordeal. 

Trust ACE Tree Services for All Your Tree Needs

Now that you know who is responsible for fallen tree removal, why not let ACE Tree Services handle the rest of your tree-related problems? With ACE Tree Services, you won’t need to worry when a tree comes down, because our fast and reliable service will have your situation handled expertly thanks to our professional arborist team. Our specialties include:

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