How To Tell the Age of a Tree in Citrus Heights, CA

If you have a significantly old tree on your property, you may be wondering how to tell the age of a tree without hurting it. There are several ways to guess at a tree’s age, all without needing to look at the rings on the inside. But tree age determination is a tricky thing, especially because between various species, trees can appear to be very different ages.

Sometimes, if you want a proper assessment, the only way to get there is to call in a professional who has dating methods beyond what you can accomplish with a good pair of eyes and a tape measure. While counting tree rings is an option for trees that need to come down, getting a few alternative methods in your toolbelt can make estimating tree age far easier.

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How To Tell the Age of a Tree via Circumference

If you’ve always wanted to learn how old a tree is, you may have learned about tree growth rings. While one of the most reliable methods of tree dating out there, the unfortunate drawback is that it requires damage to the tree to complete. Even though reading tree rings can be helpful, there’s a far better way to evaluate a tree’s age: 

If you want to tell a tree’s age without hurting it, simply find a tape measure and walk around the tree with it to find the circumference. Once you’ve done that, take the total number of inches and calculate the diameter. You can do this by dividing the inches by pi (3.14). Once you have the diameter of the tree you want to place an age on, learn what species it is. With the species name, you can find the growth factor and use your diameter to calculate its age.

How To Tell the Age of a Tree via Rings

If you have a tree that’s close to the end of its life and needs to come down anyway, consider the traditional method of using rings. The only way you can see the rings of a given tree for an age calculation is by cutting the tree completely through. To determine the age of the tree from here, all you need to do is count the dark rings.

With each ring, you can learn a lot about a tree’s life just through a visual inspection. As you learn how to tell the age of a tree through the rings, consider looking at the size and thickness of each ring. Thicker rings may indicate rainier seasons, while thin ones indicate harder times.

Learn More About Dendrochronology Basics From the Experts

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