Pruning Tall Trees in Fair Oaks, CA: What You Should Know

Most trees develop a pleasant natural form on their own. However, pruning your trees helps boost their health, structure, and safety. While you can typically handle smaller trees yourself, pruning tall trees presents several unique challenges that necessitate hiring a tree professional.

As the premier tree service in Fair Oaks, the Ace Tree Service crew highlights what you should know about high canopy pruning, including the unexpected challenges and risks you may not yet have thought about. 

pruning tall trees

Why Regular Tall Tree Pruning Matters 

All trees benefit from regular pruning, though trimming heightened trees requires more intentionality. A certified arborist will start by inspecting your trees to determine the best schedule for pruning tall tree limbs. Here’s why:

Minimize Storm Damage  

Because of their height, your taller trees often prove more vulnerable to inclement weather like strong winds and harsh storms. By removing overgrown, damaged, or diseased branches that may break or tear off, proper pruning helps mitigate the risk of storm damage. 

Pruning also promotes better sunlight penetration and air circulation, allowing your trees to grow healthier and improving their resistance to wind damage.

Lower the Risk of Injury or Damage  

Most trees experience loose, broken, or damaged branches at some point. When these branches fall from a very tall or rather large tree, there’s a greater impact on anything unfortunate enough to be below them. 

Regular pruning minimizes the risk of property damage or injury from branches falling off taller trees.

Improve Aesthetics  

Regularly pruning tall trees helps to enhance your landscape’s aesthetic appeal. A tall tree will often stand out like a sore thumb, making proper and regular pruning even more critical. 

Typically, properly pruned tall trees will grow healthily, seem lush, and look quite balanced.  

Risks of Elevated Tree Trimming  

Before you yield to the temptation of grabbing a ladder to prune a tall tree yourself, consider the inherent risks. Climbing poses a significant risk of falls and severe injuries, which multiplies when handling sharp power tools way up in the air.  

Even with safety equipment, pruning tall tree branches without expert training can cause accidental injuries or property damage. It’s not worth the risk.

Hidden Hazards  

With tall trees, you either have fast-growing species or older specimens. 

  • Older trees often have significant decay or other not-so-apparent hazards.
  • Faster-growing trees have softer, more brittle wood, posing a danger to climbers.  

Clearly, pruning tall trees yourself carries considerable risks, so why not entrust the job to a professional? It’s better for your tree’s longevity and legal compliance, as well.   

Trust Your Local Tree Service  

Let Ace Tree Service help you promote optimum tree health and growth. With over 20 years of industry experience, we’ve earned a reputation for reliability. Count on our competent crew to deliver superior solutions for all your tree care needs, including:  

  • Tree trimming and pruning  
  • Tree removal  
  • Defensible space clearing  
  • Emergency storm services  

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