When Is the Best Time To Hire Tree Service in Citrus Heights, CA?

Your yard care promotes the beauty of your home and serves as a protective measure. As a property owner, you are responsible for preventing accidents related to trees or bushes on your property. Of course, no one expects you to become a tree care expert.

Ace Tree Service arborists provide top-notch tree service in Citrus Heights, CA, and we become more busy at certain times of the year. This guide can help you learn what to expect from an arborist and the best time to hire a tree service provider.

best time to hire tree service

Why You Should Contact Experts for Tree Care

Although these plants have the rightful reputation for being sturdy and durable, they need consistent maintenance. Sick and damaged trees can lead to pest infestations, the spread of tree illnesses, and property damage. 

Knowing when to hire tree care can prevent these issues and keep yourself and your neighbors safe. Otherwise, you could end up paying for damage your tree may cause out of pocket.

An Ideal Period for Tree Service

While the optimal time for tree service varies depending on the service, you should usually call in the winter or spring.

Tree Removal

Tree removal tends to be cheapest and safest during winter months. Trees go into their dormant phase during winter, so they can stay alive if they’re in fair health. Otherwise, an arborist may suggest trimming or pruning.

An arborist can also remove sick and dying trees in a way that doesn’t harm other dormant plant life.

Tree Trimming

Trimming trees removes overgrown or damaged parts to help the tree keep shape and stay healthy. The best time to hire tree service for trimming is closer to the end of winter while it hasn’t grown any leaves back. You and your arborist can more easily identify sick, fragile, and dead branches and sections in the tree.

Tree Pruning

Pruning trees selectively removes roots, branches, and buds to help the tree keep its shape and grow well. Schedule this for the early spring, the best time to hire tree service for pruning, so you and your arborist can identify the spots that need more care.

What Arborists Do

An arborist specializes in tree care and maintenance, like how various doctors specialize in specific parts of the human body. A lawn care specialist may not be an arborist, who requires more specialized experience in several tree care areas, including:

  • Removing tree stumps safely
  • Responding to tree-related emergencies
  • Planting trees and providing tree support
  • Identifying types of tree illnesses via testing
  • Removing trees that cannot recover from disasters
  • Keeping records of contagious tree illnesses they treat
  • Understanding municipal requirements for tree conditions
  • Maintaining records with information about the trees they care for
  • Keeping trees healthy while keeping powerlines and buildings safe

Arborists work with power companies, governments, or even their own private companies to ensure the safety and wellness of their community. Proper timing for tree maintenance allows them onto your private property to better care for you and others around you.

One of our tree care hiring recommendations includes ensuring they have at least one arborist on their team.

Hire the Best Tree Care in Citrus Heights

Now that you know the best season for tree services, are you concerned about the types of trees in your yard, tree service costs, or the safety of your property? Ace Tree Service experts have helped Citrus Heights, CA, and nearby areas care for their trees for over 15 years. Now that you know the best time to hire tree service professionals, call (916) 934-3204 to schedule your free consultation today.