Where To Plant Trees in Your Front Yard in Fair Oaks, CA?

Nothing brings your home together more than having a few trees in your front yard. They won’t only enhance your home’s visual appeal but its functionality as well. They can provide shade, increase privacy, and offer a bit of noise reduction.

However, before you can enjoy these benefits, you must know where to plant trees in your front yard. Just like real estate, when it comes to trees, location matters.

Read on to learn all you need to know about tree placement and how consulting Ace Tree Service, a reputable tree service in Fair Oaks, CA, can help you get it right.

Factors To Consider Before Planting Trees in Your Front Yard

Knowing where to plant trees in your front yard isn’t an exact science. Every home has different needs and, as such, won’t benefit from a one-size-fits-all solution. Fortunately, keeping some considerations in mind will help you pick the right location.

Local Restrictions

First things first, consult local zoning departments to learn about any restrictions they might have. You should also check with utility companies to find out the locations of underground cables and pipes your trees could interfere with.

Tree Type and Size

Tree size consideration is also vital. Trees like weeping willows and live oaks need a lot of space to grow. So, if you want to plant these varieties, you don’t want them too close to your home.

Disease and Pest Resistance

Consider planting trees that more easily resist the pests and diseases that commonly affect trees in the California region.

Sunlight and Wind Impact

You should also keep in mind how the trees will impact the amount of sunlight and wind your property gets.

If you love natural light, having a tree blocking the sun won’t be ideal. However, the shade can help your home stay cool in summer. The tree can also act as a barrier against the chilling fall and winter breeze.

The Best Trees To Plant in Your Front Yard

While the right tree will depend on environmental conditions and your preferences, you have a few options that can work wonderfully. Let’s dig into a few popular options for front yard trees you should consider.

Weeping Willow

If you prefer a shade tree that can provide protection from the wind and sun, the weeping willow makes a great option.

Eastern Redbud

Add a dashing splash of color to your front yard thanks to the pink flowers eastern redbud trees produce in spring. Their yellow fall leaves are also a sight to behold.

American Arborvitae

If you prefer some privacy, this durable evergreen tree will serve you well.

Professional Tree Services in Fair Oaks, CA

Adding a few trees promises to be one of the best things you can do for your property. You must know where to plant trees in your front yard, though. Fortunately, we can help with that.

Whether you want to add an ornamental or heritage tree, we can help you get the placement right. Call Ace Tree Service at (916) 934-3204 to request your free estimate and schedule our services.