How To Stop Tree Root Sprouts in Citrus Heights, CA?

Have you ever glanced at your favorite tree only to find the base besieged by a thicket of unruly sprouts? Not only do these suckers detract from your tree’s aesthetic, but they can also siphon away vital nutrients. 

As a trusted tree service in Citrus Heights, the experts at Ace Tree Service know how to stop tree root sprouts and keep them from returning. Keep reading as we divulge the crucial details and help unlock your living landscape’s full potential.

how to stop tree root sprouts

What Are Tree Root Sprouts?

Successfully controlling tree root sprouting begins with understanding how they manifest. As the name suggests, these small, often numerous stems grow from a tree’s root system. The most common causes include:


Disease, injury, lack of moisture or nutrition, and other environmental stressors can put trees through the wringer. They respond by forming these sprouts.

It’s their way of trying to grow more leaves rapidly to synthesize the nutrients necessary for survival. Unfortunately, they don’t always give the best chance for the plant to heal.

Genetic Disposition

Maples, cottonwoods, poplars, oaks, and other hardwood varieties have a natural tendency to grow stems from latent buds. If you have them in your yard, it pays to keep an eye on them and address shoots early before they burgeon into a larger issue.

Untreated Stump

Did you recently cut down a specimen and find yourself perplexed by new growth sprouting from the leftover stump? It’s a common scenario.

As resilient flora, trees often attempt a comeback by shooting up sprouts from the remaining root sections. That explains why most professionals recommend thorough stump grinding for preventing unwanted tree root shoots.

Suppressing Tree Root Sprouts From Leftover Stumps

Unless you have a stump grinder at the ready, alternative strategies for halting tree root growth might prove necessary. Use a mower to cut down anything growing flat to the ground.

For hard-to-reach or stubborn growths, a selective weed control product works wonders. Swab it directly on the shoots with diligence to avoid harming nearby flora. You can also apply a homemade vinegar solution on freshly cut sprouts if you want to avoid chemicals.

Keep reapplying them every few days, especially after rainy spells. The roots will eventually run out of energy and die as they’re unable to photosynthesize.

Effective Methods To Stop Unwanted Tree Root Sprouting From Living Specimens 

It’s time to learn how to stop tree root sprouts on your living trees. Prevention is always better than the cure, right? 

Start with the basics—proper arboreal care. Supplemental watering during periods of drought, mulching, and strategic pruning can significantly reduce stress.

If it’s a little too late for that and sprouts have already made an appearance, trim them down as close to the growth point as possible. Use clean hand pruners to ensure a precise cut and avoid causing more injury to the tree. Never apply herbicides unless recommended by an expert!

Consult a Local Arborist

Managing tree roots to prevent shoots can feel like an uphill battle, but it doesn’t have to be. Whether you have troublesome stumps fighting to regrow or a stately oak asserting its presence with a host of stems, Ace Tree Service has you covered.

We know how to stop tree root sprouts and:

  • Monitor tree health: We’ll keep an eye out for stress signals and environmental changes that may provoke sprouts to appear.
  • Eliminate stumps: Free up the space for your new gardening project or simply enhance your yard’s aesthetics!
  • Provide care plans: Every landscape has its quirks, and we personalize our approach to match. 

Call (916) 934-3204 or read more of our blog and learn how invasive tree roots may damage your property.