6 Things to Consider When Planting a Tree in Columbia, MD

Planting a tree is one of the best gifts you can give your property. Besides making your property more attractive and livelier, the tree will also provide shade and attract birds that add life to your home. However, tree planting isn’t as easy as you might think – you must get several things right to ensure your tree thrives, including understanding the specific tree requirements.

In this blog post, a trusted provider of professional tree service in Fair Oaks, CA, delves deeper into critical things to consider when planting a tree.

#1 The Space Available on Your Property

Newly planted trees may look small but can eat up your outdoor space over time, depending on the species. Before you plant a tree, it pays to ensure you have sufficient space for the branches to spread outward. It’s worth noting that tree species vary in size and have different spacing requirements. 

#2 What Tree Species Do You Want To Plant?

Something else to consider before planting is the kind of tree you want. Whatever your reasons for planting a tree, choose a tree that would thrive in your environment and climate. Talk to a certified arborist to help you choose the best tree for your needs and location. 

#3 Don’t Destroy Your Utilities

Before you dig a hole for your new tree, contact your local utility company. Some pipes and wires could be passing underground, and you certainly don’t want to interfere with your service!

Also, ensure the tree won’t touch any overhead utility lines as it grows. 

#4 How Deep Should You Dig the Hole?

Our list of things to consider when planting a tree can’t be complete without teaching you how to prepare a proper planting hole. When digging a hole to plant your tree, make it two to three times wider than the tree’s current root system. 

However, the hole shouldn’t be deeper than where the tree was previously growing. It’s best to look for the trunk flare near the soil level. The planting hole shouldn’t be so deep that the soil covers any part of the flair. 

#5 Water Your Newly Planted Trees Properly

You should keep your newly planted tree well-watered until it properly establishes itself, but be careful not to overwater. We recommend using soaker hoses instead of sprinklers when watering young trees. 

#6 What’s the Best Time To Plant New Trees?

Autumn and spring are often the best times to plant, depending on your location. This ensures your tree has adequate time to establish itself before having to deal with the scorching summer sun or freezing winter soil. 

Reach Out to Your Local Tree Experts for Assistance

Even if you know the things to consider when planting a tree, it’s best to work with certified arborists like Ace Tree Service to ensure you do everything the right way. We provide a wide range of services, including:

  • Tree trimming and pruning
  • Tree removal
  • Stump grinding and root removal

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