Can Palm Tree Roots Cause Damage on Your Property?

Palm trees can make your property look more attractive and livelier. However, if you plan to plant these trees in your yard, you’ll need to be particularly careful with their shallow roots. This begs the question, can palm tree roots cause damage to your property?

Tree care experts often recommend planting large species of palm trees far from your home’s foundation, as the roots can cause serious problems over time. In this blog post, as a reputable tree service company in Fair Oaks, CA, we tell you everything you need to know about palm tree roots. 

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The Potential Dangers of Palm Tree Roots

Palm tree roots don’t grow deeper into the ground as the tree ages. That means they stay woody but fibrous and run horizontally from the root initiation zone. The growth of these roots usually doesn’t exceed the extent of the tree’s canopy, and they don’t go deeper than three feet. 

So, how can palm tree roots cause damage to your property? Let’s explore some of the common ways these roots can cause problems:

Sidewalk and Driveway Damage

If you plant a palm tree close to your driveway or sidewalk, its roots may cause cracking to the concrete surface. Over time, the expanding root system exerts pressure on the inflexible surfaces, leaving you with costly damage. 

Plumbing Damage

If you have old, delicate, or poorly sealed pipes, palm tree roots can easily grow into them in search of water. Note that in most cases, palm tree roots damage sections of piping that already have defects and, therefore, are weaker. 

Foundation Damage

If you plant a palm tree too close to your house or other structures, the roots grow into the foundation, which can compromise your property’s structural integrity if you don’t address the issue early enough. 

Protecting Your Property From Palm Tree Roots Damage

Now that you understand the potential problems you may have to deal with when a palm grows on your property, let’s see how you can save yourself such headaches. 

Select the Right Species

You’ll find over 2,500 species of palm trees, and they all have different root behaviors. Species selection is an important part of planting palm trees because some types have more aggressive roots than others. We recommend choosing palms with a less aggressive root system, particularly if you want to plant them near critical structures. 

Implement Proper Planting Practices

Planting palms far from buildings, hardscaping, underground utilities, and other structures can help you avoid the detrimental effects of their roots. 

Perform Regular Maintenance

Ensuring your palm tree gets sufficient water and fertilizer minimizes the search for nutrients and moisture from alternative roots.

Contact Your Local Tree Experts for Assistance

Can palm tree roots cause damage? Yes, but you can avoid that when you work with professionals from Ace Tree Service in Fair Oaks, CA. We provide a wide range of services, including:

  • Tree removal
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