How to Treat Aphids on Trees in Five Ways

You should give your trees extra loving care to keep them growing healthy and beautiful. One of the issues you’ll often have to deal with when it comes to tree care is aphid infestation. These tiny green bugs can suck sap from your trees to death! 

In this blog post, a reliable tree service in Citrus Heights will show you how to tree aphids on trees in five easy-to-follow ways. 

how to treat aphids on trees

What Are Aphids?

Aphids are tiny, wingless insects that feed on plant sap. You’ll often find them in large numbers on fresh growth or undersides of leaves. They’re usually black, brown, or green. 

Aphids reproduce fast, with one female capable of producing up to 80 offspring in only weeks. That means they can quickly spread in your yard. But how do you know you have aphid infestation?

Plant damage is often the first sign that you have a problem. These insects will pierce your plants’ tissues and suck out the sap. This results in leaves curling, yellowing, or wilting. 

The affected tree may also become stunted or develop deformed growth. If you have an aphid infestation, you may also notice a sticky substance on your trees’ stems or leaves. Aphids excrete this substance, known as honeydew, as they feed. 

Honeydew may attract sooty mold, ants, and other pests to the affected tree. A heavy aphid infestation can severely weaken your tree and eventually kill it. 

Five Ways to Tackle Aphids on Your Trees

If you’ve been wanting to know how to treat aphids on trees, here are a few tricks that you can easily implement:

Inspect Your Trees Regularly

You’ll have an easy time controlling aphids when you catch them early on. You can achieve this by inspecting your trees regularly, like at least once a week. 

Ensure you check the underside of leaves and the centermost tenders parts of the tree, where there’s new growth. Also, look out for signs of aphid damage, even when you don’t see the insects themselves. 

Squish Them

When you notice a small cluster of aphids, just squish them by hand. Then wipe the stem or leaves clean. Consider hosing off the area to remove the sticky stuff that remains after killing the aphids. 

Hose the Bugs Off

Use a garden hose to dislodge the aphids from your backyard trees. Ensure you direct the stream of water beneath the leaves and into cracks where the insects could be hiding. 

Use Natural Predators

Lacewings, ladybugs, and other beneficial insects can feed on the aphids and leave you with healthy trees. Your local arborist can advise you on where to purchase these insects. Be careful not to overdo this and cause an unbalanced insect population. 

Use Insecticidal Soap or Homemade Soap Spray

An insecticidal soap can safely and effectively get rid of aphids. It pays to follow the manufacturer’s instructions or let a professional handle the task to ensure your safety and that of your trees. 

You can also make your insect soap spray at home. Simply mix a tablespoon of liquid dish soap for every quart of water. This spray kills aphids by disrupting their cell membrane, and it won’t harm your trees when used correctly. 

Contact Your Local Tree Experts for Assistance

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