How To Tell If a Tree Is Rotten Inside

Trees can rot for several years or decades until finally revealing the damage, often requiring removal. Read on to learn how to tell if a tree is rotten inside, then contact Ace Tree Service to book a professional tree service in Fair Oaks, CA.

The Main Types of Tree Rot

Heart rot stands out as one of the worst tree diseases, involving trees rotting from the inside out, causing decay and death. This fungal disease can hide inside a tree for years. The primary rot types that can spell disaster for healthy trees include:

  • White Rot. This rot makes the wood inside a tree spongy and wet, often appearing yellow or white. Breaking down lignin and cellulose, beware of white rot as it attacks the tree’s strength and natural colors.
  • Soft Rot. Although it is the least severe rot, soft rot slowly breaks down wood over time and stems from bacteria and fungus.
  • Brown Rot. Special types of fungus cause brown rot and turn parts of the tree brittle and brown. The rotted wood will eventually crack and crumble, damaging the structural integrity of the tree. Brown rot is the worst of all rot types, leading to decay and death.

Working with a tree care professional can help you determine the type of rot your tree faces and if you can do anything about it. Unfortunately, the most common solution requires removing the tree as trees are typically beyond help with any type of rot.

Signs of Tree Rot

Wondering how to tell if a tree is rotten inside? Look for the following major indicators:

  • Trunk splitting in “V” shapes
  • Sawdust around the tree’s base
  • Cracked sidewalks near trees
  • Stopped or slow tree growth
  • Wilting leaves

Preventative Measures You Can Take To Avoid Tree Rot

Pruning, trimming, and participating in routine tree care measures can help your trees live to their fullest potential. Having a good relationship with your local tree care business means they may provide treatments and solutions for problems as they arise. You can also add mulch to the tree base.

Treating Heart Rot

Rotting inside trees almost always leads to inevitable tree death. Therefore, the most common recommendation when assessing a heart rot problem is tree removal. While tree care professionals want to save as many trees as possible, they strive to preserve healthy trees and act in their best interest.

You might wonder, “Why not just cut off some parts and seal the tree bark?” In reality, this will make things even worse as it will have an open wound. Trees cannot heal, so cutting them would simply contribute to their decline.

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If you still don’t know how to tell if a tree is rotten inside or would like a professional to perform a risk assessment of your trees, we can help. Our team understands everything from tree root removal to emergency storm services. We offer:

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