How to Save a Tree with Damaged Bark

Bark is more important to tree health than many Fair Oaks residents realize. It protects trees from harsh weather, pests, damage, and more, making it a vital aspect of their makeup. Unfortunately, many homeowners don’t know how to save a tree with damaged bark, leaving it vulnerable to numerous issues and even death.

That’s why Ace Tree Service is here to explain how to care for a tree with bark damage and nurture it back to health.

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how to save a tree with damaged bark

The Importance of Tree Bark

Think of bark as a tree’s skin; it gives it an extra layer of structural protection, preventing various issues that adversely affect its health. It also contains connective tissues that provide water and nutrients to the tree.

Trees with damaged or missing bark are much more susceptible to damage, diseases, pests, and other problems that can accelerate decay. That’s why it’s essential to understand how to save a tree with damaged bark to ensure it doesn’t die prematurely.

How to Repair Tree Bark Damage

Fortunately, you can resolve minor to moderate bark damage in various ways. Follow the steps below to repair damaged tree bark.

Step One: Clean the Wound

Start by cleaning the tree wounds with water. Gently rinse the area with water to prevent diseases and other issues that negatively impact tree restoration.

Step Two: Secure the Peeling or Damaged Bark

Next, carefully press the damaged or peeling bark into place to prevent further damage. You want to cover as much of the wound as possible to promote tree restoration while protecting its interior. 

Step Three: Wrap the Tree

Once you cover the wound with bark, wrap the tree to secure the bark. Many home improvement stores carry tree wrap that will keep the bark in place without harming its structure. Although some people use duct tape to wrap trees, using a material designed for trees is best.

Leave the wrap on the tree and allow the bark to reattach to the trunk. After three or four months, you can unwrap the tree and let nature handle the rest.

It’s important to note this method only works if the damage affects less than 25% of the tree. Severe bark damage requires professional services and may be beyond repair.

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