Can Removing a Tree Cause Foundation Problems?

can removing a tree cause foundation problems

Many property owners who are looking to remove a tree ask, “Can removing a tree cause foundation problems?” In this guide, we’ll explain how removing trees can help protect your property’s foundation if you complete the task correctly. We also go over potential disadvantages to doing so.

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Does Removing a Tree Damage Your Foundation?

Removing tree roots can help support your home’s foundation.

Trees that are too close to your home can lead to sinking ground as they use the moisture and nutrients for themselves. The foundation may lean, crack, or become unstable, and the roots could get into cracks in the foundation, leading to even more trouble.

When you remove these trees, the soil will settle back in place and lead to swelling, or a wet ground. The foundation sinking or leaning can reverse, but it could take months or years to see the signs. However, there is a risk of soil erosion. 

Ways Removing a Tree Affects Your Property

Removing trees to help your property’s foundation has mostly positive, but some negative consequences. Consider the the top three:

1. Reverse Foundation Problems

Moisture that went to tree roots is now free to support the soil, causing swelling and a more even soil spread. Your property will have a more solid foundation if the ground around it is sturdy and stable, not leaning to one side. 

While you might have to remove trees with underplanting, you could get many more years out of your business or home’s foundation. The soil could take many months or years to rise and reverse the damage, but it pays off and provides peace of mind for many property owners.

2. Prevent Property Damage

Trees that are too close to a property do more than just create leaning and cracks in the foundation. They also could fall from a severe storm and land directly on the roof or crash through windows, potentially harming the occupants inside and their belongings. 

Having one or more of these issues occur is extremely dangerous and could be way too much money to spend. You can avoid these problems before they start by removing trees with the help of a professional tree service company. 

3. Potential Soil Erosion

One of the downsides of removing a tree near your home is possible soil erosion. Since you no longer have roots holding the soil in their spot, soil erosion and sloping can occur. However, it is up to you whether or not this outweighs the many benefits of removing a nearby tree.

Signs That Trees Are Damaging Your Foundation

If you’re not sure whether your trees are causing harm to your foundation, consider the following signs:

  • You have vertical cracks in the foundation.
  • Your house leans or slants towards a nearby tree.

Small and large trees may damage foundations, so consider the species of tree you have.

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