Why Removal of Tree Roots Is Necessary

removal of tree roots

Everyone loves to relax under the shade of a tree. Sometimes, the roots of a tree become a hindrance. Removal of tree roots is sometimes necessary to avoid property damage and erosion.

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When a Fallen Tree Leaves Roots Behind

When a tree falls due to lightning or disease, it leaves an underground root system behind. As the roots rot away, they create an inviting place for mice, snakes, and other pests, which creates a big headache for the property owner. 

Once pests get comfortable, they may infest other trees or even your home. Removing loose roots will open up more space for a garden, outdoor kitchen, or a safe area for kids to play. Nearby plants will have room to grow their own roots and make your yard lush and beautiful. 

Removing Roots and Leaving the Tree

As a tree ages, its canopy grows fuller each year. At the same time, the root system expands. A professional service can provide safe removal of tree roots when they begin to disrupt sidewalks or grow too close to sewer lines.

To begin the process, an arborist will measure the diameter of the tree to estimate how far the root system reaches. They will determine if the best course of action is to physically remove roots or if chemical treatment is ideal. Chemical methods may not be safe for children or animals on your property.

Cutting away roots that grow far from the tree and leaving as many as possible intact is an effective method for protecting your property and the tree. After root removal, prune the tree and give it time to recover.

Common Areas of Damage From Tree Roots

Some root systems can grow for decades and never cause problems. Others can cause all sorts of damage as time passes and end up needing multiple root treatments over time. With proper upkeep, you can keep your trees and reduce damage on surrounding property.

Common areas of damage from tree roots include: 

Broken sidewalks:  The more roots invade and break apart sidewalks, the more dangerous they become. They are both a tripping hazard and a difficult obstacle for people who use wheelchairs. 

Sewer lines:  Over time, normal shifting beneath the surface can damage sewer lines. Trees love the excess water broken sewer lines leak into the dirt, and they quickly infiltrate and cause more damage.

Invading neighboring property:  Trees don’t obey property lines and their roots can spread into neighboring yards, creating damage for both you and your neighbors. When that happens, communicate with your neighbor to decide the best course of action.

Reliable Tree Service

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