Palm Tree Skinning: Everything You Need to Know 

Palm trees require the same care and maintenance as sycamores, redbuds, ash, and pine trees. Watering schedules, slow-releasing fertilizers, and mulching help California trees retain moisture and absorb essential phosphorous, potassium, and nitrogen. But what about palm tree skinning? 

Palm tree skinning refers to removing and disposing of dead palm tree fronds. Unlike deciduous trees, palm tree fronds may not fall from trees after they die. Folsom’s tree service experts have used palm tree skinning techniques for many years, helping property owners maintain the beauty and function of their one-of-a-kind palm trees. 

This blog explains the importance of skinning palm trees and the most effective strategies for growing healthy palm trees. With the help of trained professionals, you can significantly improve the growing cycle of palm trees in Sacramento County. 

Importance of Palm Tree Skinning 

Dead fronds create the perfect habitat for leatherwing beetles, codling moths, and redhumped caterpillars. Wood-boring insects and defoliating pests seek dead palm tree fronds for shelter, food, and moisture. Without regular maintenance, invasive insects quickly spread into homes, on outdoor furniture, and to nearby trees. 

Dying palm tree fronds reduce the curb appeal of your property and expose palm trees to fireblight, bacterial cankers, and tree rot. Signs of diseased or dying palm trees include: 

  • Browning fronds
  • Epicormic growth 
  • Minimal frond growth
  • Small holes in the tree trunk 
  • Weak branch connections

The Palm Tree Skinning Process 

Attempting to perform palm tree skinning without the supervision of professionals leads to property damage and personal injury. Many expert arborists offer low-cost tree maintenance services and tree health assessments to safely and effectively heal your trees. Healthy palm trees boost property value and provide shade during California’s sweltering summer days. 

Professional palm tree skinning consists of the following steps: 

Tree Inspection 

Experts thoroughly examine your palm trees for signs of structural weaknesses, dying branches, and insect infestations. Skinning away dead fronds may prove ineffective if your tree hosts thriving populations of wood-boring insects. Inspect your palm trees at least four times yearly to spot diseases and insects before they cause irreparable harm. 

Palm Tree Skinning 

Professional arborists use pole saws, tripod ladders, and safety harnesses to trim and prune away dead fronds. Cuts made too deeply into branch collars expose trees to infections and diseases, underscoring the importance of seeking professional assistance. Experts recommend scheduling annual skinning of palm trees to improve the health and appearance of your trees significantly. 

Debris Removal 

Diseased fronds quickly transfer diseases and pests to other areas of your property if not removed immediately. Invisible nematode worms travel through the air to nearby trees and branches. Professional tree services collect and remove all dying fronds after tree skinning services. 

Growing Healthy Palm Trees 

Even the healthiest palm trees require annual palm tree skinning services, and it’s also important to consider whether can palm tree roots cause damage to your property. You can reduce the risks of tree infections and root damage by considering the following tips for maintaining healthy trees:

Soil Quality Testing 

Tree service companies test your soil to ensure your palm trees have access to the following minerals: 

  • Iron
  • Potassium 
  • Phosphorous
  • Magnesium 
  • Nitrogen 
  • Manganese

Sandy loam soil helps palm trees absorb moisture, resist diseases, and grow for many years. If you grow palm trees in silt or clay soil, you may have trouble keeping your palm trees alive. Work with highly-trained professionals to grow picturesque palm trees in California! 

California’s Top-Rated Tree Service Professionals 

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