What Temperature Will Kill a Palm Tree?

Many homeowners enjoy tropical palm trees due to their low maintenance and wonderful tropical aesthetics. However, unless you live someplace that’s always sunny, you’ll probably ask, “What temperature will kill a palm tree?”

While palm trees are low maintenance, they don’t have the best cold tolerance. This guide from Rocklin’s tree service experts at Ace Tree Service explores the temperatures palm trees can endure alongside suggestions for the best species to buy. 

What’s the Optimal Temperature for Palm Trees

To answer the question “What temperature will kill a palm tree?” let’s first explore the optimal temperature for palm trees. Ideally, you should plant a palm tree in an area that is 60 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. 

However, with regular maintenance, a palm tree won’t start seeing issues until temperatures dip down to 45 degrees Fahrenheit. At 30 degrees, a palm tree can quickly die. For these reasons, areas with freezing temperatures shouldn’t have palm trees. 

Factors That Influence a Palm Tree’s Cold Tolerance

Many factors influence a palm tree’s resilience against cold temperatures, including: 

  • Your tree’s health: Naturally, the healthier a palm tree is, the less susceptible it is to issues like leaf damage. You should regularly water your palm tree and give it sufficient nutrients. 
  • Your palm tree’s age: Mature palm trees have thicker trunks and a better root system, allowing them to better withstand cold temperatures versus young trees. 
  • Your microclimate: A microclimate is the small region around your palm tree rather than your area’s climate as a whole. You can increase your microclimate’s temperature using rocks and fences or even planting your palm tree under a bigger tree. 

What Are Some Good Palm Trees for Colder Temperatures? 

Some palm trees are more equipped to handle colder temperatures than others. For example, experts consider the Windmill Palm to be the hardiest palm tree that can survive freezing temperatures; it can even survive the Himalayas. Other palm trees you can select include: 

  • Canary Date Palm Tree 
  • Blue Hesper
  • Needle Palm 
  • Chinese Fan 
  • Pindo Palm 
  • Saw Palmetto 
  • Sylvester Date Palm Tree
  • European Fan 
  • Sago Palm 

Ways to Increase a Palm Tree’s Resistance Against the Cold

You can use various techniques to increase your palm tree’s resilience against the cold: 

  • Mulching: Mulching your palm tree can prevent the ground from freezing up. Mulching also provides your palm tree with essential nutrients during winter. 
  • Use heating cables: You can place low-wattage heating cables in the ground around your palm tree. Some even have a built-in thermostat that will turn on once the temperature reaches a certain point. Christmas lights also work. 
  • Move your palm trees inside: Depending on the size of your palm tree, you can move it inside where it’ll have a better chance of surviving. You can also buy a greenhouse. 

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