How Much Does Tree Service Cost in California?

Though property owners have plenty of questions regarding tree service, “how much does tree service cost?” is one of the most common inquiries we get.

Unfortunately, there is no clear answer to the question. How much you pay will depend on various factors, including the nature of the service and your tree’s size.

Read on to learn everything you need to know about the cost of working with Rocklin’s tree service contractor.

Why Tree Service Is Essential

Healthy trees do wonders for your property. However, routine service is vital in maintaining your trees’ health. For instance, tree trimming and pruning improve your tree’s structure and sunlight exposure, helping it to thrive.

Additionally, professional tree maintenance can enhance your property’s safety and value. Keeping overgrown and loose branches away from roofs, windows, and power lines prevents them from damaging your property.

Average Costs of Tree Service

While its importance is evident, how much does tree service cost in Rocklin, CA? 

On average, you can expect to pay $600 for professional tree maintenance. This price could increase or decrease depending on several factors.

After you contact a licensed tree service contractor, they will come to your property and assess the tree in question. Next, they will determine the ideal solutions to implement and analyze these factors to develop a detailed estimate.

Depending on your contractor, they may charge you for the entire project or by the hour. Here are some critical factors that will determine how much your tree service will cost.

Nature of Service

The type of service is the main factor determining how much you’ll pay. For instance, services like trimming and pruning tend to be cheaper than the cost of tree removal. When working with a professional tree removal company, you can expect to pay between $250 and $1,000.

Method or Equipment Used

The cost of certain services will vary according to the method and equipment the contractor uses.

For instance, tree stump removal can be done in two ways: grinding or complete removal.

The price for removing the stump completely will range between $60 and $400, with easy pulls costing less. Since stumps with long, grounded roots need more power to pull, removing them will be more expensive.

Grinding the stump is cheaper and usually costs about $100, depending on the stump’s diameter.

Tree’s Location

Your tree’s location determines how complex the job will be. Servicing the tree will be more expensive if it is close to power lines and buildings or is in hard-to-access areas. Meanwhile, the service will be cheaper if the tree is in an open yard.

Tree’s Size

Since large trees require more time, expertise, and equipment to maintain, smaller trees are usually cheaper to service. Removing large trees will be costlier as well. For instance, removing trees between 30 and 60 feet tall could cost you up to $700.

On the other hand, you’ll only spend about $250 to remove a tree shorter than 30 feet.

Tree’s Condition

The state of your tree is another factor that determines how much the service will cost. You could pay more or less if your tree is diseased, rotting, or dead.

Professional Tree Service in Rocklin, CA

While tree service can be costly, our team at Ace Tree Service offers competitive pricing, ensuring we provide clients with the best possible value for their money.

How much does tree service cost in Rocklin, CA? Contact us at Ace Tree Service at (916) 934-3204 to request your free estimate. Thanks to our affordable tree services, you no longer have to bother yourself with DIY tree trimming.