Tree Damage from Storm: Prevention and Best Practices

A severe storm can cause significant structural damage to the trees in your area. Power lines can snap or fall, creating a dangerous situation. Never try to repair tree damage near power lines, even if the power is out. Tree damage from storms can be dangerous and requires professional care from a tree service company to handle it safely.

For tree services in Rocklin, contact Ace Tree Services and follow these best practices to prevent tree damage and learn how to deal with a damaged tree in your yard after a storm.

Preventing Tree Storm Damage

Preparing your trees from a young age protects them from future storm damage. Some preventative best practices include:

  • Loosely stake and tie young trees to gain wind firmness without falling over. Once they’ve reached five to six years, remove all ties and stakes to allow the tree to harden against the wind without affecting its natural growth structure.
  • Hire a professional to prune your trees. Improper pruning techniques can damage the structure of a tree, leading to weakened branches. 
  • Water appropriately and fertilize when necessary—over or under-watering and fertilizing affect the tree’s health. 
  • Immediately treat pest issues. Unhealthy trees are less capable of defending themselves. 

If you have trees on your property, understanding how to care for them is the best prevention. Learn about the tree’s watering, fertilizing, and pruning needs. Each tree will require specific care depending on its age and species to best prepare it for storms. 

Dealing with Tree Damage

Tree damage from storms may happen regardless of the health of the tree. Broken branches, fallen trees, and severe leaning are all common post-storm. When in doubt, contact an arborist. A trained professional will be able to explain how to best care for your damaged trees and which ones they must remove.

If your trees are near power lines, do not go near them. Contact the local power company, and they will send a qualified team to deal with the tree. These people are highly trained and have the appropriate tools for the job. 

A tree service specialist can examine a damaged tree and remove broken or dead branches if the tree is upright. They will know the difference between a salvageable tree and a dying or dead tree. Afterward, they will tell you how to properly care for the tree by eliminating stress and regular watering. 

Call Ace Tree Services For Reliable Service

Trees can last for decades or even lifetimes with appropriate care. Read about the treatment and prevention of tree decay for more information on caring for your trees. 

A great way to prepare yourself is to find a fully licensed, insured, quality tree service company before the storms hit. Backed by knowledgeable professionals, you can better protect your property and take care of your trees to prevent damage during storms.

For reliable tree services, including dealing with tree damage from storms, in the greater Rocklin, CA, area, call Ace Tree Services at (916) 934-3204 for a free estimate.