5 Reasons Why DIY Tree Trimming Should Not Be an Option

DIY tree trimming seems like a productive way to spend an afternoon. After all, how difficult can it be to cut off some dead branches? According to Ace Tree Service, the go-to Rocklin tree service company, the answer is that you are risking both your life and limb and those of your tree. 

Tree trimming is dangerous enough with the correct safety equipment. With a pair of pruning shears in the hands of an enthusiastic amateur, it becomes scary. You could overbalance and fall to the ground or cause permanent damage to healthy trees. 

In this article, we’ll look at why DIY tree trimming is always a bad idea. 

1. It’s Dangerous

When removing any tree branches, you risk having them crash to the ground. The danger with diseased branches is that you cannot always tell where the rot stops. The limb may look perfectly sound but be a crumbling mess inside. 

One wrong move, and it’s hurtling toward the ground, crushing anyone or anything in its way. If you’re lucky, it won’t drag you down with it as it goes. 

Next, of course, is the inherent danger of trying to balance on a ladder while wielding a chainsaw. If that saw hits a piece of hardwood, the recoil could push you right out of the tree. 

Without the proper safety equipment, you can easily end up in the emergency room. Worse yet, the wood may fall on someone you care about and send them to the hospital. 

2. Liability Issues

People seldom think of liability issues when undertaking DIY tree trimming. If you accidentally destabilize your tree, it could:

  • Fall into the neighbor’s yard, destroying their fence
  • Drop onto a visitor’s car, crushing it 
  • Damage an electricity line and cause a blackout

Do these ideas seem outlandish to you? As a veteran tree expert with 15 years of experience, these are just some of the outcomes we’ve seen. These DIY tree trimming horror stories are more common than you might believe. 

3. Insurance Nightmares

You’ve no doubt had to fill in some interesting insurance claims before. Be prepared for things to take a nasty turn, as your insurer might decline claims because you lacked the expertise for the job. You might have to repair your roof or replace a damaged vehicle out of pocket. 

4. Permanent Damage

Some people think trimming a tree is all about making it look neat. This common misconception causes untold damage in the United States every year. Understanding what to cut and leave in place is part science and part art. 

You need a good understanding of trees and experience to get the right balance. You could kill the tree or stunt its growth if you cut off too much, but if you don’t cut enough off, the tree won’t thrive because the canopy is too packed. 

Even the tools that you use may injure your tree. If you use shears without a good edge, you’ll never cut through the limb cleanly. The ragged edges make it difficult for the tree to recover, and the open wound leaves it vulnerable to disease. 

5. It Takes Longer Than You Think

Remember how you thought DIY tree trimming was a good afternoon project? You can end up causing more damage than you think.

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