Why You Should Watch Out For Sudden Limb Failure During The Summer

If you’re out in the woods on a sweltering summer day, you may notice a tree limb abruptly fall to the ground, seemingly without cause. This is what tree specialists refer to as sudden limb failure, and it is more likely to occur in the summer months. Here’s an explanation of what sudden limb failure is and how to address it.

What is Sudden Limb Failure?

Sudden limb failure, also known as summer branch drop, is a random phenomenon that happens as a result of trees sweating out excess moisture. Like all living things, trees soak up excess water when it gets hot. But sometimes, the sweating process, or evapotranspiration, is more than the tree can handle, causing the tree limbs to drop.

You want to be especially careful of sudden limb failure in the warmer months. The chance of tree failure rises with the temperature, making outdoor activities dangerous. A reliable Folsom tree care company can immediately detect sudden limb failure. 

Environmental causes

The heat can worsen the effects of sudden limb failure, but other environmental factors may influence a limb drop. Short-term climate circumstances such as droughts, fires, and dry spells may be to blame during evapotranspiration. These situations further dehydrate the tree, leading to a dysregulated water intake. 

Tree health causes

When a tree is already experiencing internal issues, the causes of sudden limb failure significantly increase. Infections, diseases, old age, open holes, and root decay are just a few issues that can make tree branches unbearable for the tree to hold. Existing health issues combined with the enormous stress on the vascular system make sudden limb drops a more regular occurrence.

What You Can Do

While calling a professional arborist is always best, you can do several things to protect yourself from sudden limb failure. 

Short Term

To avoid short-term damage from sudden limb drops, inspect your property for compromised trees. Look for trees with broken or dangling branches, holes, or rot. Additionally, be sure to move the following stationery items out from under trees before enlisting the help of an arborist:

  • Children’s things like trampolines, playgrounds, inflatable pools
  • Hammocks
  • Lawn chairs
  • Grills and BBQs
  • Vehicles – never park your car or vehicle directly beneath a tree limb

Long Term

The best long-term solution for avoiding sudden limb failure is calling a professional tree expert. A reputable arborist will assess the health of trees on your property and quickly detect any potential collapse. The health of a tree is highly predictable to the trained eye, meaning your safest option is to get help from your local tree company. 

Sudden limb failure doesn’t mean you can never walk beneath the trees or enjoy time in the woods. So long as you practice extreme caution when walking under tree limbs, you can enjoy the pleasantries of nature. A loud pop or clap is a common noise a tree makes before dropping a limb, so listen for those sounds and move quickly.

With temperatures steadily rising, the chance of sudden limb failure also increases. If your property or home is in the vicinity of trees, you may experience a branch drop. Call an arborist like the tree masters at Ace Tree Service to protect your loved ones.

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